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About MQ Centre

It is a Universal and sacred Online the Holy Quran centre leading a well religious unparalleled way of teaching method for almost every Momineen and Muslim.
The main purpose of our teaching is to recognize the teaching of Holy Prophets (a.s) and sacred innocent and unique the Guardians of Islam (Aaimah Masomeen a.s).

 We are busy here to motivate the people for their character building spiritually nourishment and by the religious angle on their doorsteps. This method of teaching consists of your basic education.
It will lead you to consume your whole time in this service of humanity especially Momineen and Muslim nation.
It is the best source to literate your children of the Holy Quran innovate their lives as energetic, well-furnished and satisfactory way of life. By this way your future generation will lead a well-balanced satisfactory and gorgeous life.

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We are offering

Free trial classes, One on one class per student, 24 Hours teaching system, You select your time and day, English and urdu teachers, Learn Quran and Basic Fiqh